We are now 5 people at work and we do not want to increase that number yet. But we can share how we work !

We are in Kolektif House Levent, we sometimes love to work outside.

We love hanging out with friends and family members. All of us are married except Recep. You know he is responsive for UI/UX Engineering, that's why he is single

This is our Side Hustle.

That means we have our daily jobs to work.

Except the Germany side it's a whole an other business. The development side is.

We would like to share some tips about us,

  • We are not a agency so mostly we are not doing customer web sites. Except it's original idea.
  • We damn love reading books
  • We are not a technology fan boys.
  • We love humanity (mostly)
  • We love our country damn much !
  • We love to help people who would like to get their app to production.

If you have something to share with us or you would like to hangout with us because likeminded people should hangout with together, just reach us at our contact page.