👋 Welcome, we see us as a futuristic freaks !

We believe you would like to know more about us. Okay then ! Let's talk about what we are doing !

KZDL Transporte (Germany):

We provide logistic services in Germany with 33 trucks and 43 teammates.

KZDL GROUP (Turkey):

Our main focus is on development. Yes in any way of development not just software development (which we love). We provide building brand services. Best practices of how your company should work.

We also provide A+ software development support in Mobile, Web. We code in mainly Nodejs, PHP, and some cool frameworks out there.

If you have a project to share with us, or you would like to deep dive about our projects. (We have 7 projects are on going.)

Last but not least. We have published some works to the world !

Jungle Ball Pro


Message Bender

Helps to delete and to backup your data in Slack https://www.messagebender.com


It helps to learn the truth about universities. Because their students share their thoughts about reality. https://www.universiteanaliz.com