We ask quesitons, if there is no answer, we create one !

These are the projects we are currently working on.


Do you belive there is no Gift Selector tool works with AI. You will see the app on https://www.giftbender.com

Training With AI

All tutorial web sites make you force to buy every tutorial by pushing you. That's not the push you need (mostly). And yes we asked a question again and there was no anwer. You need to be tested about what is a really fit for you. Maybe your hidden gift. We try to answer that by providing right tutorials for you. We do not have a domain name yet so.

Emoji Game

Yet another Emoji game in store. You just need to figure out which songs the emojis are trying to sing. iOS and Android, (nobody use Windows Phone)

Resimlerle ─░ngilizce

If you do not wonder why the title is in Turkish, you need this app to learn more in English. iOS and Android